Texas Food Truck Selling CBD Infused Tacos

Texas Food Truck Selling CBD Infused Tacos

Original Source: Texas Food Truck Selling CBD Infused Tacos

CBD oil is popping up all over our state and now you can enjoy it in one of our favorite foods.

Owning a food truck, you want to have those items that no one else can do. Over in San Antonio, the Catch The Wave food truck debuted a new item this week that a lot of people are talking about. Some new tacos that have CBD-oil infused into the corn tortilla.

“We do a great blue corn tortilla. We wanted to do it a little different,” owner Leo Davila said. “Infuse it in the tortilla and have a lot of fun. (It’s) still the same great taco with a little bit of added benefit to it. I’ve actually been on CBD products for the last year-and-a-half. It’s changed the way I feel, conduct my daily life, sleep, interactions, joint movement.

He says he also has some CBD oil in lemonade and some jams as well. I would love to try some and I’m sure some folks are ready to complain about this. Remember CBD oil DOES NOT get you high, so get that argument out of here. Keep up with this food truck on Facebook, if you want to try them next time you’re in San Antonio.

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