NHL Champ Nick Boynton to Promote CBD

NHL Champ Nick Boynton to Promote CBD

Original Source: Vitalibis (VCBD), NHL Champ Nick Boynton Partner to Promote CBD Hemp Benefits

Vitalibis, a premium CBD wellness company, announced today a partnership with NHL Stanley Cup champion Nick Boynton. Boynton joined the company as an advocate for CBD and with a mission to spread awareness of hemp-based products. In particular, the player is interested with CBD concussion and brain trauma research. The player was an All-Star who played 11 seasons in the NHL. Having suffered from years of chronic pain, brain trauma, and anxiety in the NHL, Vitalibis helped him to overcome day to day challenges.

What Boynton has experienced, he wished for others. He is pleased to be a part of a team that cares enough to support him in his health and wellbeing. Vitalibis appreciates his struggle as well as the competition and skill. While sport is big business, what is important is passion, excitement, and achieving one’s goals. Often the physical and mental impact on athletes are not considered. Nick’s story is inspirational to the company and has humbled them as they pursue a business with wellness in mind.

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