New CBD pill promises to bring down marijuana high

New CBD pill promises to bring down marijuana high

Original Source: New CBD pill promises to bring down marijuana high | News

As more Michigan residents venture into the world of recreational marijuana for the first time, some are experiencing a situation they hoped to avoid.

Consuming too much or getting too high can happen easily. But a new product on the market promises to bring you back down in just minutes.

“A lot of people, especially when they use cannabis edibles, they get way too high. And its anxiety-provoking. They’re upset, and it takes hours for them to get back to being normal. So we really wanted to help them,” said Steve Goldner, CEO of Pure Green.

Goldner’s business has a new product on the market called The Parachute Pill. It is designed to bring marijuana users down if they get too high.

The pill contains cannabidiol (CBD) which is the counterpart to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

He believes it’s a good idea for marijuana users to have Parachute Pills in case of an emergency.

“Frankly, it gets a little out of control. Or some of the edibles aren’t completely mixed properly and a person inadvertently just takes too much. And then they find themselves in trouble, half an hour or an hour later,” Goldner said.

Goldner said the pill dissolves in your mouth and quickly enters the bloodstream, working within five minutes after taking it.

The pill is already on the market in Mid-Michigan.

“Including places like Bay City Wellness and Station PC in Vassar, Michigan,” Goldner said.

He said now that Michigan has legalized recreational marijuana, a lot more people will try it. His advice for them is to start slow.

“Start low, go slow, and enjoy your life and this wonderful product that’s now available after so many decades of being illegal,” Goldner said.

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