Midland pharmacist stands up for CBD

Midland pharmacist stands up for CBD

Original Source: Midland pharmacist stands up for CBD

MIDLAND, Texas — At the ClackCo Concierge Pharmacy in Midland, a team of compounding pharmacist work to promote wellness in their community.

The pharmacy’s owner Jenna Clack is a studied organic chemist who focuses on hormone optimization, anti-aging and regenerative medicines.

“We’re gonna ask what’s actually going on with you, how we can help, what is the best way that we can utilize scientifically proven information to keep your body running for a long quality life,” said Clack.

Inside the pharmacy’s lab, pharmacists develop personalized medication in specific doses for their customers.

Clack says the passion for this kind of practice started with studies as an organic chemist.

“I’m a scientist, I started in a laboratory, and I love the truth in chemical reactions,” said Clack.

That’s also why Clack’s pharmacy confidently carries a variety of CBD products.

“What’s happening is it’s getting a stigma because it’s related to marijuana, but in reality they’re completely different,” said Clack.

While only having low amounts of THC, Clack says the molecule of CBD has been scientifically observed to have a positive effect on the homeostatic systems of our bodies. This is the system that regulates communication between our bodies such as between the nervous system and the immune system.

“Basically that communication is governed and led by a receptor that was discovered through activation by the Cannabidiol molecule,” said Clack.

At Clack’s pharmacy she sells a variety of capsules, oils and balms, each product aimed at specific benefits such as pain management, relaxation, focus or something else.

“The reason these are aimed at these specific areas is to help people understand what their goals are here and the products are actually formulated a bit different with different types of CBD,” said Clack.

Clack says all the products she sells are purified and have 0% THC, which would not violate any Texas laws.

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