CBD Shop To Open Pop Up At Columbus Circle’s TurnStyle Market

CBD Shop To Open Pop Up At Columbus Circle's TurnStyle Market

Original Source: CBD Shop To Open Pop Up At Columbus Circle’s TurnStyle Market

UPPER WEST SIDE, NY — A business cashing in on the CBD boom with three storefront locations in Manhattan will open up its first pop up shop in the TurnStyle Market underneath Columbus Circle.

Come Back Daily will open in the underground marketplace on Sept. 6, offering a wide range of its CBD-infused products such as tinctures and topicals. Customers can learn about, buy and even test out products at the store.

“TurnStyle is a modern market, as well as a lively shopping and dining destination for not only for commuters but also locals and tourists we well. We could not think of a better place to introduce our selection of products,” Come Back Daily Co-founder Steven Phan said in a statemente.

The second co-founder, Waseem Ghattas, added that Columbus Circle is one of the busiest commuter hubs in New York City — making it a perfect place to de-stress with some CBD products.

Ghattas and Phan source CBD products from brands that have already established themselves within the market, so they know that what they are selling has been thoroughly vetted. The business does not manufacture its own products.

The products all have cannabidiol — an extract from cannabis that differs from the marijuana molecule known as THC. CBD does not get its users high — but the cannabidiol craze has wellness junkies jumping on CBD for a variety of products that’s become seen as a cure-all product. The $390 million industry, which could balloon to $1.3 billion by 2022, has yet to be formally regulated by the Food and Drug Administration — though CBD dietary supplements are technically illegal, STAT News reported this month. Earlier this year, the city’s Health Department barred restaurants and bars from using CBD as a direct additive in food and drinks, the department said at the time.

Since November, Come Back Daily has opened three storefronts in TriBeca, East Harlem and the East Village. The business also sells hundreds of products through its online store.

“We are excited to have Come Back Daily join over 40 businesses at Turnstyle,” Turnstyle SVP of Development Jonathan Greenberg said in a statement. “More than 100,000 commuters come through our retail market and they will make a great addition as we continue to build dynamic and engaging urban space.”

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