CBD products now available from Vending Machine in Cedar Falls

Original Source: CBD products now available from Vending Machine in Cedar Falls

While the federal law legalized hemp derived cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD oil, many states still hold back their laws and imply that the drug comes under the illegal substance list. The Farm Bill passed in December 2018 removed hemp from the Controlled Substance List, it allowed products including CBD with a maximum 0.3% concentration of THC as legal.

However, the story County Attorney made it quite clear in March that any products containing CBD, regardless of the concentration level of THC are illegal. Regulatory issues and constant confusion threads between the contradicting laws of the federal and the state government have driven companies and consumers into an ambiguous space with uncertain knowledge about whether the products infused with CBD are legal or not.

The Webster County Attorney said that lowans must refrain from producing, processing, distributing, selling and marketing CBD oil based products in any manner. But, in Black Hawk County, you can easily buy CBD from a vending machine in Cedar Falls.

Corey Coleman, the owner of the machine proudly said that “It’s the first machine in the world.” The vending machine is known to hold an array of CBD based products that consumers can get access to. A few clicks on the screen and a swipe of a card can get users CBD available just under few minutes. It also allows the owner to track its customers, dais Coleman.

He said that the data tracking helps them understand customer analytics and learn about how customers make their buying decisions and their background (male, female, age, time of the purchase).

Coleman said that the pivotal moment in his life was when he and his girlfriend lost her daughter Evie to cancer when she was just 4 years old. Although they used cannabis to reduce the number of medications she was taking, the girl lost her life during her battle with the severe disease.

Using cannabidiol or CBD for medicinal and recreational purposes is not acceptable in most of the lowa counties, two of them recently sent out warning letters to businesses telling them that under the state law, all CBD based products, regardless of their THC concentration must come only from one of the state-approved dispensaries and shall not be sold by other retailers.

CBD is treated as a healthy drug which claims potential health benefits such as relieving pain, swelling, anxiety, depression, inflammation and some serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Cannabidiol is an anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive component found in marijuana plants. The federal law only allows hemp derived CBD as it contains lower levels of THC, tetrahydro cannabinoid, a psychoactive compound. THC is responsible for the high that people get while smoking weed, it can trigger seizures, alter the mind state and cause mental disorders for life if consumed over a longer period of time with high potency.

Companies selling CBD infused products, therefore, have to ensure that they stay within the limits of the drug potency to avoid any legal consequences by the law officials. Any substance with a higher level of THC than 0.3% can lead to seizing of the products altogether along with arrest and charges of illegal possessions on the holder/retailer/manufacturer.

Coleman says, “I am not an attorney you would have to take that up with them.” He says that the police have visited his vending machine and everything seems to check out just as it normally would. He further adds that he is reassured that the police will not create any problems with the legality of the machine or its products as there were no issues earlier too.

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