Cannabis Stocks Decline After FDA Hearing

Cannabis Stocks Decline After FDA Hearing
Original Source: FDA Hearing Leads to Decline in Cannabis Stocks

Investors in cannabis companies were in for a rude awakening after the recent FDA hearing on the regulation CBD products, as stocks briefly declined.

Up until the FDA hearing last month, market analysts and CBD business owners had hoped for further direction from the FDA on approving CBD as a food product, label regulations, and other pertinent topics; however, the obscurity of the hearing has left many concerned about the future.

Despite this bump in the road, cannabis investors still remain optimistic and it’s easy to see why.

Predicted to reach a market value of over $20 billion by 2024, the CBD industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate.

With state lawmakers shifting their views towards Cannabis legalization, major brands like Ben and Jerry’s, Starbucks, and others are gearing up to enter the market. As consumer demand for CBD continues to climb, one thing has become very clear––CBD is inevitable.

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