Austin Ice Cream Parlor Dishes Out CBD-Infused Flavors

Austin Ice Cream Parlor Dishes Out CBD-Infused Flavors

Original Source: Austin Ice Cream Parlor Dishes Out CBD-Infused Flavors

AUSTIN, Texas — With cannabidiol oil, better known as CBD oil, becoming more common, companies are figuring out new ways to incorporate it.

  • Prohibition Creamery features CBD-infused ice cream
  • CBD derivied form hemp plants, not marijuana

At Prohibition Creamery in Austin you can get some unusual ice cream flavors.

“A lot of people of course every day, since we’ve opened, say ‘I haven’t had a boozy ice cream! That sounds really fun, let’s try it,’” said Laura Aidan, founder and owner of Prohibition Creamery.

The business is one of a handful of Austin-area food and drink spots that have introduced CBD-infused options to their menus.

“It’s a red velvet ice cream with a cream cheese frosting swirl, and the red velvet base is infused with CBD oil, and so it’s delicious and fun,” said Aidan.

Aidan said the CBD oil used in the ice cream is made from hemp plants, not marijuana.

“So we have what’s considered a full serving, so 4.2 mg per scoop, but since there’s no THC it’s CBD only, there is no psychoactive effect,” said Aidan.

A report from the World Health Organization agrees, saying: “even high doses of oral CBD do not cause the effects that are characteristic for THC and cannabis rich in THC.”

CBD-oil made from marijuana plants is only legal for medical use, but CBD-oil made from hemp plants is now legal in the state of Texas. Shops like Prohibition Creamery are taking advantage of the distinct taste.

“It’s in an organic hemp oil, and since it’s a really natural full-spectrum you can definitely taste it, there’s a little bit of a herbaceous, grassy note to it, and I think that’s kind of fun that you can taste it in the ice cream and you know it’s in there,” said Aidan.

It’s the latest, fun, food trend Austinites can indulge in.

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