5 High CBD Strains of 2020

5 Best High CBD Strains To Try Right Now

When you hear people talking about CBD, it’s usually regarding oils, edibles, or topicals. While these are great ways to use CBD, one of the best ways to go through the full entourage effect is usually to light up a bowl of a high CBD cannabis strain.
If you’re looking to maximize the full range of medicinal properties within the cannabis plant (and live in a state where cannabis is legal to use), here are 5 high CBD strains every cannabis consumer should try.


Produced by Dr. William Courtney, AC/DC is a phenotype of the high-CBD cannabis strain, Cannatonic. With a staggeringly high 20: 1 CBD to THC ratio, AC/DC boasts among the highest CBD to THC ratios of all cannabis stresses.
Because of its unique cannabinoid ratio, AC/DC can deliver a strong entourage effect, with only minimal intoxication effects from THC.
Featuring a deep, earthy taste with light hints of sweetness, AC/DC is a favorite high-CBD strain for most cannabis connoisseurs and is certain to leave you feeling thunderstruck.

Stephen Hawkings Kush

With a 5: 1 CBD to THC ratio, Steven Hawking Kush is another popular high CBD stress that offers a more balanced CBD to THC ratio.
Quality of the infamous genius this strain was named after, Stephen Hawking Kush offers a cerebral high mixed with the soothing effects of CBD.
This Indica-heavy strain has a sweet, fruity taste with pops of mint-like bursts of Hawking-level brilliance.
If you’re looking for cannabis stress that will deliver a balance of medicinal comfort with a soft head high that won’t Steven Hawking Kush is certainly worth giving a try.


Next, on our list, Cannatonic, is one of the most well-known high-CBD strains that offered as a precursor to the rise of interest in high CBD strains.
While its name may sound like this stress will deliver a Cannatonic high, Cannatonic actually provides a very balanced CBD to THC ratio ranging among 5: 1 and 1:1.
Featuring a smooth, earthy taste with bursts of zesty citrus, Cannatonic is usually one of our personal most favorite and a great everyday high CBD strain.

Sweet and Sour Widow

Crossbred from White Window and an unnamed sativa strain, Fairly sweet and Sour Widow is usually an Indica dominant stress with a balanced 1: 1 CBD to THC ratio.
With a mild flavor profile and a balanced CBD to THC ratio, Lovely and Sour Widow is ideal for those looking to enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis stress without a strong head high.

Charlotte’s Web

Produced by the Stanley brothers of CW Hemp in Colorado, Charlotte’s Web is a revolutionary high CBD strain that has earned a reputation for its near nonexistent THC articles.
In addition to its extremely favorable cannabinoid profile, one of the reasons Charlotte’s Web has become therefore popular is because of the story at the rear of its creation.
The Stanley brothers created this stress specifically for Charlotte Figi, an extremely young girl suffering from severe epilepsy. By using CBD, Charlotte’s seizures decreased from 300 per week to an astonishing 2-3 per month.
As people discovered about Charlotte’s story, this leads to skyrocketing interest in Charlotte’s Web and the CBD movement as a whole.

Suver Haze

Last on our list of the best cbd strains is Suver Haze!

The infamous Suver Haze CBD Flower was made with a few distinctive characteristics as the primary objective. One of those goals was with this breed to possess elevated CBD levels. That is precisely why this breed has a mean of 17.5percent CBD. It’s a terpene profile of β-Caryophyllene, Farnesene, and β-Myrcene.

Still, another aim for Suver Haze was that it ought to withstand mold and provide breeders greater yields. The exceptionally selective breeding that generated this breed has caused a distinctive hemp blossom.

Suver Haze comes with an intriguing and unique genetic profile. It appears like Special Sauce and contains comparable genetics to this breed. Should you enjoy Krishna’s Special Sauce, you will surely enjoy this hemp blossom strain also.

The meticulous crafting of this Suver Haze breed has a robust and rather rich taste profile. Using a strain of the genetic caliber, it is no wonder why the flavor is so powerful. The terpene enables for an earthy taste that has only a hint of orange at the flavor which gives it the ideal equilibrium. Attempting this breed will cause you to feel as though you’re walking through the orange farm barefoot.

This may seem like a strange event, but for people who have given this breed a go, they will concur. It is far better to encounter this hemp blossom strain yourself instead of merely studying the encounter. Because of the terpene profile mentioned, this hemp blossom has a wonderful taste.

What’s Your Favorite High CBD Strain?

With additional new CBD products entering the market all the time, high CBD cannabis strains continue to be one of the most effective methods to medicate with cannabis.
If you’re a CBD user looking to increase your use of cannabis and explore the full capabilities of this amazing plant, these are some good options; however, these are just some of the many high CBD strains.
If you happen to be an experienced cannabis user who has found relief from another high CBD cannabis strain that’s not on this list, please share your suggestion with us in the comments!